for Un-Authorized Charges. for Un-Authorized Charges

‘Free' continues to be an expensive word in credit and VistaPrint may be the worst offender. After you order “free business cards”

VistaPrint relays your credit card to some other subscription service that bills you $14.95.

Richard Lee noticed unauthorized charges of $14.95; dated June 20, 2006 and July 20, 2006 . They were for “Passport for Fun”. There are dozens of documented cases against Vista Print at is the first online merchant to get a Bad Banking Lemon Award


Each time you default… we may increase the APRs on your account up to a maximum of the Default APR (31.99%)

Washington Mutual acquired Providian which has a history of class action judgments (one topped $400 million). Annie Chang, Director of Education for stated, “If big tobacco started a credit card company, they'd call it Providian” (now owned by Washington Mutual (NYSE:WM) ) . “If there's a poster child for Lemon Award, it'd be Washington Mutual,” said Larry Chiang, founder of and added, “it's the first bank ever to charge you for a credit line”.