Lemon Award SunTrust

I want to nominate SunTrust Bank for the Lemon Award  for their deceptive and unfair practices. The bank sends customers a "skip-a-payment" offer "due to their excellent payment history" at Christmas and other times that most people have extra bills to pay,

with a "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,etc with this "gift of extra money in your pocket" . It sounds good to the consumer,but made our balance go from $l78,000 to over $l83,000 in a few months. The original loan amount had been $l82,000. All payments were made on time, bank said balance went up because it was a balloon note and interest wasn't being satisfied due to the skipped payments they had given. They said these offers weren't really good for customers.The bank knew it was a balloon note, so why offer this to someone knowing their balance will go up? Guess it's a good way for the bank to steal from their customers and a good reason for them to receive the "lemon award". Thyank you N. Ballred is still collecting Lemon Award Nominations for Bad Banking. Send them to . Award recipients will be publicized October 31, 2006 .

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