cancelling "free shipping dot com".

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 11:33:14 -0500
From: Kirsten Benfield <>
Subject: Letter of dispute

I apologise but I spoke to a volunteer caller yesterday, after sending
an email, he informed me to pen a letter of dispute, and I didn't write
down his name, Thank you for your prompt help, and I am disputing a
charge on my debit card with I have no idea how I
signed up for this service, and I am being charged.
Kirsten Benfield


total sham that my merchant "" <> railroaded me into

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Don't do it.

Below is my...

Cancel Membership

There are two ways to process the cancellation of your Insiders-Club member benefits.

Method One

THERE WILL BE NO FUTURE CHARGES TO ANY OF YOUR REGISTERED CREDIT CARDS. Any purchases you've already made with your registered cards will continue to be covered through the end of your membership

term or trial period. You'll have complete access to Insiders-Club member benefits, and can continue to take advantage of all eligible benefits and protection through the end of your current membership term or trial period.

Method Two

All membership benefits and protection services for your registered credit cards will be suspended. If billed, you'll receive a refund for your membership fee, as outlined in your membership agreement. You'll no longer have access or be eligible for the Insiders-Club protection benefits, rebates, and discounts.