MBNA QUANTUM MasterCard for Lemon Award

Last Statement Balance:
$1,974.14 CR as of 10/10/2006  

10/16/2006 0138 MC A CHECK TRANSACTION FEE $53.32
10/16/2006 0138 MC A WELLS FARGO CHEC - # 492324 $1,777.61
Current Balance $143.21 CR

So when your bank has a credit of $1,974.14 and you write a check for 1777.61, you should pay a fee of 53.32?! According to Michelle Young of MBNA's customer service desk in Newark NJ, "The 53.32 is the mandatory fee for check writing".

Racial profiling for the government law enforcement might be illegal but you should use race profiling for your attempts at negotiation. Also, mood and time of day for rep is critical to getting a better deal for yourself.

Also as a rule of thumb, the further west and south the call center is, the nicer the representatives are.

UPDATE 10-17-06: Donniell Morgan of MBNA's Jacksonville FL Call center has waived the $53.32 fee on a closed account.

CreditCard.org is still collecting Lemon Award Nominations for Bad Banking. Send them to Problems@CreditCard.org . Award recipients will be publicized October 31, 2006 .

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